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Here's How You Can Get Involved


Sponsor a Child

A monthly donation of $35 assures a child will receive, in addition to the daily meals and programs at LGTH: 


  • School fees paid. 

  • School uniforms and school supplies.

  • Extra feedings and food supplements as needed.

  • Extra monitoring and visits.

  • Extra medical care if needed..

  • Extra mentoring and support.


Make a Donation

We provide many services to orphans and vulnerable children, and have many projects in which you could partner with us.

Some of these include:

  • Feeding and activity programs in both locations

  • Building a playground in both locations

  • Expanding our school in Zambia

  • Building our school in Zimbabwe

  • Seeds and fertilizer for farming in both locations

  • Building new homes to replace ones that were destroyed by rain


Mission Trips

Coming on a mission trip with us guarantees that you experience the African culture first hand.

We will be participating in home visits, and helping or observing all aspects of our program. We will also make sure to visit a game reserve to see some local wildlife.

Our partners in handling your donations:

ICMS (Canada/USA) and Links (UK) hold us accountable for all donations that come in as well as comply with all CRA guidelines for Non-Profit organizations.

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