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Our vision is to prepare the most vulnerable children for a better tomorrow.



When Michael and Carmen visited LGTH in 2012 it was still in its fledgling stage. They were so impacted by the children and families that were being cared for that they knew they had to get involved and take it to the next level. Carmen started a facebook page and email address, and became the communications director, trying to get the word out about the wonderful work of

LGTH in Africa.

Michael became the head of the board and the major fund raiser for Let's Give Them Hope, trying to raise awareness and funds to help as many orphans as possible.

Now Michael and Carmen are the leaders and directors of both locations through, advising, advocating, raising funds and seeking sponsorship for both Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Get Involved

Go to Africa

Is it your dream to go to Africa? Let's Give Them Hope offers individuals the opportunity to join us on a mission trip to Zimbabwe and Zambia. Experience the culture while you volunteer and give hope to Children.

Be a Partner

Let's Give Them Hope places a lot of emphasis on the "Let's" We believe it is only by working together (African, Canadian, Australian etc) that we can change the world around us.

Sponsor a Child

A monthly donation of $35 CDN will assure that your sponsor child will receive funding for school fees, uniforms and school supplies, along with all of the benefits of LGTH, including meals, small groups, etc.

Learn More

We provide many services to orphans and vulnerable children and youth, and have many projects in which you could partner with us.

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