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Our vision is to prepare the most vulnerable children for a better tomorrow.


Zambia became part of Let’s Give Them Hope beginning of October 2019. Very much like Musana, Twashuka is a rural area where the Let’s Give Them Hope base is located. It is greatly impoverished with a huge number of orphans and vulnerable children residing in the area. Many of the children in this area have lost one or both parents and are being raised by a grandmother or another relative. The vast majority of adults are unemployed, and most homes are in terrible condition with small yards unsuitable for growing food. 18 years ago Elizabeth Chitambala noticed that there were a large number of children who were not in school because of the inability to pay school fees so she decided to teach them herself. Everyday they would meet under a mango tree to learn. Eventually they managed to raise some funds to build a one-room school. Henry and Elizabeth continued their work with minimal support and the help of volunteer teachers. When Michael, Elizabeth (his daughter), Weston and Liz went to meet up with Henry and Elizabeth, this felt like the right time to come together and work together. Henry is also a pastor so as soon as our new community centre is built they will be planting our second "Hope Fellowship" church.

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