Our vision is to prepare the most vulnerable children for a better tomorrow.

Tanatswa is 9 years old. He lives with his siblings, mother, and grandmother. Their father is unknown. They live in a 3-roomed house and a separate kitchen hut, with a small garden. Tanatswa is very shy and quiet. He prefers to play on his own, but will occasionally play ball games with the other children. 

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Ashley is 9 years old, and lives with his grandmother. His mother died some time ago, and his father abandoned him; he has no contact with Ashley. The grandmother is poor and unable to work; she struggles to provide school fees. They live in a very small house with one bedroom. Ashley is fairly new to the program. He is good-natured, and plays well with the other children his age. 

A monthly donation of $35 provides your sponsor child with: 


  • School fees paid, uniforms and school supplies.

  • Love and care from our awesome team.

  • Extra feedings and food supplements as needed.

  • Extra monitoring and visits.

  • Basic medical care.

  • Extra mentoring and support.

You will receive a letter once a year, as well as annually updated reports and photos of your sponsor child. There is also an option to give a special gift donation for their birthday and a Christmas gift basket. 


This is our priority list of children in desperate need of your help.

Click on the picture to directly sponsor them.

Reget is 10 years old. She lives with her mother, stepfather, siblings, and many various other extended family members. The stepfather doesn't want anything to do with Regret and her siblings, and often ignore or neglects them. Regret is very confident and outspoken; she is never shy to speak her mind, but is still polite and respectful. She's a very friendly child, with a good sense of humour. She is a smart girl, who works hard at her schoolwork, and achieves good grades. 

Personal is 6 years old. He lives between his mother, who is a very unstable person, and his elderly grandfather, who is very ill. The family's previous home collapsed, and they now live on the property of another family in order to have a place to sleep. Personal is a very shy, quiet little boy. He tends to stay back during activities at the program, but he is very sweet, and we know that he will fit in well as he grows older and more confident. 

Wesley is 10 years old. He lives with his mother and grandparents; his parents have divorced, and his father is no longer a part of his life. He was a very abusive and irresponsible person, and the family is doing much better now that he is gone. Wesley is a very sweet boy; he's a bit reserved, especially around adults, but is always polite and well behaved. He is very kind, and is starting to make some good friends at the program. He loves to play soccer. 

Tinotenda is 13 years old. He lives with his grandparents; his mother has passed away, and his father is unknown. The family lives in a small, thatched-roof house, and cook in a separate cooking hut. Tino is a funny, outspoken young boy. He has such a good sense of humour, and loves making jokes. He loves dancing, and is good at rapping. He has lots of friends, and is very well liked here at the program. 

Runyararo is 11 years old, and lives with several siblings, and her mother and father. Both the parents and four of the five children, including Runyararo, are cognitively challenged. Because of this, the parents are often taken advantage of, and their income is extremely meager. They find it difficult to provide for their children. Runyararo loves to play ball, but is very shy, and tends to stay by her older sister's side.

Pamela is 13 years old. She lives with her elderly grandmother; her mother has passed away, and her father is unknown. Her grandmother is very elderly and ill, and with no income she struggles to provide for her granddaughter. Pamela is a very friendly, strong young girl. She gets along very well with everyone, and she especially loves to play soccer with her friends. 

Makatendeka is 5 years old. He lives with his mother, grandmother, and older siblings; his father has passed away. Maka is still little, but he helps with household chores such as sweeping and working in the garden. Maka is a very cute little boy. He's quite reserved, and is always shy around adults, but he still has fun with his friends. He loves coming to the program, and we always make sure that he is included in all activities and games.

Tenson is 14 years old. He lives with his mother, grandmother, and oung siblings; his father has passed away. He should be attending high school, but unfortunately is currently not at school, as his family is unable to afford his tuition fees. He is a good student who loves studying, and he misses his classes very much. Tenson is a very good boy. He's got a sweet character, and is kind to everyone. He's very responsible and helpful. 

Tadiwanashe is 10 years old. She lives with her mother, who is already quite elderly in rural Zimbabwean terms; her father is unknown. Tadiwa is a very sweet girl. She's quite shy and reserved, but she manages to fit in well with the other children, and has good friends. She is well behaved, and loves coming to the program to spend time with other children her age, without the responsibilities she faces at home. 


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