Child sponsorship details and typical examples of the children in our program.


John is 8 years old. He lives with his siblings, and grandmother. Their father is unknown. They live in a  2 room house with a separate kitchen hut, with a small garden. John loves coming to Let's Give Them Hope for hot, nutritious meals and to play with his friends

(Name and details changed to protect identity, You will be given actual child details upon sponsorship.)

Sponsor a Child

Michael is 10 years old, and lives with his grandmother. His mother died some time ago, and his father abandoned him. The grandmother is poor and unable to work; she struggles to provide school fees. They live in a very small house with one bedroom. Michael is fairly new to the program. He is good-natured, and plays well with the other children his age. 

(Name and details changed to protect identity. You will be given actual child details upon sponsorship.)

A monthly donation of $35 provides your sponsor child with: 


  • School fees paid.

  • Uniforms and school supplies.

  • Love and care from our awesome team.

  • Extra feedings and food supplements as needed.

  • Extra monitoring and visits.

  • Extra medical care.

  • Extra mentoring and support.

You will receive a letter once a year, as well as annually updated reports and photos of your sponsor child.

There is also an option to give a special gift donation for their birthday and a Christmas gift basket.