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Who We Are

We are a Christian non-profit organization based in and around Harare, Zimbabwe, and Twashuka, Zambia, working with orphaned and vulnerable children and youth. Where HIV/AIDS, poverty and numbers of orphans are high and support structures are very low. Our ministry is aimed at providing basic necessities, teaching skills and bringing back hope. We also provide psychosocial care as we teach life skills, lend emotional support, and visit the children in their communities.




To prepare the most vulnerable for a better tomorrow.


We provide a daily nutritious meal, food packages, and assist in basic medical requirements. 


In Zimbabwe we currently are teaching from K to grade 5 and have begun building a school building. We plan to add a grade each year up to high school graduation.

In Zambia we have our own elementary school from K to grade 7.


In 2021 we completed our vocational training school which provides training in sewing, carpentry and other skills to be added soon.

Healing & Well-being

Our teen groups, children's church and youth projects are designed to provide counseling and healing and wholesome teaching that is beneficial as they grow.


Led by Weston and Liz, LGTH Zimbabwe is currently serving over 250 children, providing daily meals, school support, soccer teams and various children's and youth groups, activities and projects. Let's Give Them Hope Zimbabwe also runs Hope Kingdom Fellowship which has weekly biblical teaching and vibrant music, and it serves the community through home visits and prayer.

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LGTH Zambia was launched in October of 2019. The project centre is led by Henry and Elizabeth who were already running a school daily and feeding children whenever they could. Now that LGTH is involved we have renovated the school and we are feeding the children daily. We have also built a community centre which is being used for many things, including our second Hope Kingdom Fellowship. 

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Our head office and our international board of directors is in Canada. They support both Zimbabwe and Zambia by forging relationships and raising funds so we can help as many children and families as possible.

Michael and Carmen have "zoom" meetings every week with Weston, Liz, Henry and Elizabeth to keep up to date on what is happening in each location and to prayerfully discern where to allocate funds for the greatest benefit of the children. 

We have two sets of boards running, an international and a local board. The international board supports and holds us accountable for the work and how we use the funds, and the local board holds us accountable for the work done on the ground i.e meeting our goals and changing lives. Both boards advise and give counsel to the staff on the ground.

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