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Our vision is to prepare the most vulnerable children for a better tomorrow.

Leadership & Staff Team

Michael and Carmen have been married for 36 years and have 4 grown children. Michael grew up in a family business, spent 10 years as a pastor, and has been an owner of a successful business that he brought nationwide throughout Canada. He has retired from that business in order to dedicate his time to full time ministry. Carmen volunteered for Let's Give Them Hope as the communications coordinator, after their first trip to Musana in 2012 and Michael became head of the board. They both now head up communications and fundraising, and Michael oversees the operations of both LGTH locations. Michael and Carmen both have a heart for seeing vulnerable children know their worth as kids of the Kingdom, and to live with hope for the future.
Weston and Liz have hearts for orphans and vulnerable children. They had always hoped they would be able to use their property in Musana Zimbabwe to be able to help and give hope to the local children. When Let's Give Them Hope was conceived they were very pleased to donate the land, and began to work and live there as soon as their contract with "Hands At Work" was completed in 2013. They both have years of ministry and leadership experience in churches, outreach organizations and charities.
They established "Hope Kingdom Fellowship," in our main meeting hut which is a thriving congregation with dynamic praise and worship. Weston is also a carpenter by trade.

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20years ago Henry and Elizabeth noticed that there were a large number of children who were not in school because of the inability to pay school fees, so she decided to teach them herself. Everyday they would meet under a mango tree to learn. Eventually they managed to raise some funds to build a one-room school. Henry and Elizabeth continued their work with minimal support and the help of volunteer teachers. Now, that LGTH is involved (since 2019) we have upgraded the school, we feed the children every day and we have built a community centre where our Hope Kingdom Fellowship meets, Henry and Elizabeth pastor ,and their son, Timothy leads worship. We also host many community activities there..


Other Staff Members

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Lizzy Matope

Children's Director

Lizzy is one of our original staff members. She came to us with years of experience overseeing orphan care in South Africa. She knows, loves, and has a relationship with every child in our program, and is loved by all! Lizzy has four children; Manu, Tamar, Joshua and Angel.

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Godfrey & Ellen

Hope Kingdom Fellowship 

Ellen and Godfrey are both pastors and have been working in ministry for many years. Ellen is a praise and worship leader and Godfrey pastors and teaches in the church. He did his diploma in theology at Sabby Bible Institute in Harare and is also a tiler by trade.


Esther Mukahanana

Hope House Mother

Esther grew up in a rural area much like Musana. She has a great understanding of the need and the desperate situations most of our children go through.  Esther has taken on the role of a mother to those children that are child headed and have no place of their own. She also oversees the feeding program and coordinating the local volunteers.


Community Volunteers

Food and Home Visits

We currently have a group of seven women who volunteer from the local community to daily cook for and serve meals to the children. These volunteers also partake in our extensive community work. Our program relies on these committed women who also come from difficult situations and have a heart for serving these children.

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