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Hope Through Soccer

There is no better way to fill the unemployment void than providing a whole 3-month Soccer tournament for the young man in the community. Since 2016, Let’s Give Them Hope has been running a soccer tournament that has seen teams of young man and teenagers from over 15 villages compete to be the best in the community. Like normal football clubs, the games run every weekend and occasional in the week, with home and away games gathering crowds of spectators and entertaining the whole community. But more than just the games, LGTH uses the opportunity to serve more than just the children who attend the program at the base in Musana. Young boys are taken out of the streets and their boredom is filled with a positive environment and new friends are made. The streets have a way of pulling a lot of the young boys into alcoholism, drugs and criminal activities. Elvis a former child of Let’s Give Them Hope is one of those boys who plays soccer for the Let’s Give Them Hope team “Hopefc”. He says soccer truly turned his life around. He says he has positive friends he can hang out with, as well as he can still benefit from the youth projects hosted by LGTH. He loves playing soccer with the other boys and when the season is over, the teams take time to practise, play friendly games and the entertainment keeps going even when the tournament is over. Hope FC has won the tournament twice placed 3rd in the last season. The boys are eager to reclaim their title.