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Spotlight on:

Rejoice, Janemary and Janelord

Let me introduce you to:













                    Rejoice,                                                        Janemary,                                                   and Janelord.  

They are three of the cutest kids you will ever meet; and yet, like so many of the children in our program, they face many challenges that are simply beyond their years.  Not only do they live in a very impoverished rural situation typical of our area, they also have to deal with several other serious issues. For instance, their parents are both very ill, and although they are on medication, they are not able to work or even help much around the house.






















This of course puts much more responsibility on these three children than they should have to take up at their age. In addition, all three also have serious health issues of their own; however, because they are not “sick enough”, they are not eligible for the free medication from the government. Nonetheless, despite all of these challenges, these children all have such a sweet nature, a great sense of humour and a real zest for life. And now, they are also receiving much-needed food supplements and school fees, thanks to Let’s Give Them Hope and to their sponsors.

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