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Spotlight on: Leeroy

Spotlight On: Leeroy

Leeroy was left all alone without an adult caregiver as both of his parents passed away when he was just 13 years old. Life was very tough and scary for him. Left all alone in a small house in the village, Leeroy, now 16, told us that he would try and work on the land to be able to sell produce in order to get a little money or he would fish at the dam to get food.

Imagine a 13 year old that you know, suddenly having to live alone, providing entirely for themselves. As school fees were now out of the question (fifteen dollars a month), Leeroy had to stop school and all his time was spent trying to get 

We asked Leeroy what he would like more than anything...and he said, “To be able to go to school." He said that he would see the other kids walking to school in their uniforms and it made him sad that he would never have that opportunity. He expressed his sadness at being all alone and how hard life was just trying to make it through each day. Many of his days ended with him going to bed hungry and lonely.

When we started to explore the sponsorship options available, Leeroy was on the top of our list. We were delighted when he was picked by a family in the UK. When we took Leeroy aside and explained to him that there were people overseas that wanted to help out and befriend him, he was amazed that people that didn’t even know him would want to help. He was so happy. We told him that he would now have a regular food parcel every month and basic necessities such as soap and oil. But when we informed him that he could now go back to school, that he would get a new uniform and shoes, text books and pencils...he was utterly overwhelmed.

Leeroy went back to school. As he had missed three years of education, he had to join a class with boys years younger than himself, but he didn’t care. He now has that opportunity that he once only dreamed of as he watched the other kids walking to school. He now proudly walks with them, 45 minutes each way.
Leeroy is a changed boy. Although he is still shy, he smiles, jokes and hangs out with the other teens in the program.

Never underestimate what sponsorship means to these children. It gives a new lease on life, it makes dreams come true and brightens futures.

Just ask Leeroy....


odd jobs from neighbours in the village. Leeroy was so shy, always looking down at the ground and nervously mumbling when we tried to talk to him, but he captured our hearts as he would appear every time we arrived in Musana, willing to do any job we handed out.

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