Home visits, a part of our weekly process.

Our Zambia Leaders, preparing the field for maize planting.

Lunch time during school break.

Zimbabwe LGTH leadership team.

Children love volunteer visits.

The girls sewing, part of our new vocational training.

Leeroy: Our First Employee from the Program

When our program started, Leeroy was too shy to attend – several people had to go to his house and persuade him to come on our first day. (He was living on his own at age 15, since both parents had died.) However, as he became comfortable, he soon participated in all our various activities and groups, and also began to help around the program. And, as he did so, his leadership skills began to emerge and develop in significant ways. He was a natural leader and positive role model for the younger children at the program, working hard at school and in everything he did. As time went on, he became part of the Hope Fellowship youth group leadership team, planning and helping to facilitate events for the teens in the church. He also displayed a strong work ethic as he was given volunteer tasks and small paid jobs around the program. So, when it was time to hire someone part-time to work in the new garden project, it took no time at all for staff to choose Leeroy as one of the two boys. And, who knows, when he is finished school, he may even work full-time at our program someday …

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