Home visits, a part of our weekly process.

Our Zambia Leaders, preparing the field for maize planting.

Lunch time during school break.

Zimbabwe LGTH leadership team.

Children love volunteer visits.

The girls sewing, part of our new vocational training.

Welcome to Zimbabwe!

We've been so happy to have our Alberta representatives, Dennis and Wendy Schofield, here in Zimbabwe for the past two weeks.

Dennis and Wendy joined our LGTH team after Dennis' visit to the program in late 2014, and have been a huge blessing in raising funds and awareness in Alberta. We were very excited when they both decided to come and visit.

Dennis has travelled to Africa several times in the past, but it was Wendy's first time to the continent, let alone Zimbabwe, which was exciting and emotional at the same time.

They have been enjoying being a part of the feeding program whenever they can, and were welcomed enthusiastically by all the children when they first arrived. They have been a part of extensive community work in Musana, as well as had the opportunity to meet a few of their sponsor children.

They will continue to participate and help out with the program and other parts of our ministry, and are already looking forward to raising further awareness about Let's Give Them Hope once they arrive back in Alberta.

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