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Spotlight on: Natasha

I watched her as she played volleyball, hitting the ball with enthusiasm, cheering as her team made a point, trash-talking the other team, and killing herself laughing at some behaviour of her team-mates.  Her face was somewhat familiar, but I wasn’t sure who she was.  “Who is that?” I asked a staff member.  He looked at me strangely. “That’s Natasha, you know, Ivan’s sister.”  Of course I knew Natasha: she had been attending the program for well over a year.  But I didn’t recognize her because she was like a different girl … 

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Spotlight on: Leeroy

Leeroy was left all alone without an adult caregiver as both of his parents passed away when he was just 13 years old. Life was very tough and scary for him. Left all alone in a small house in the village, Leeroy, now 16, told us that he would try and work on the land to be able to sell produce in order to get a little money or he would fish at the dam to get food...

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