Millennium Goal #2: Universal Primary Education

If you remember, we previously outlined the 8 UN Millennium Development Goals, agreed on by UN member countries as goals to be reached by the year 2015. Goal number 2 is to “achieve universal primary education”, with one specific target:

· Ensure that, by 2015, children everywhere, boys and girls alike, will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling.

At Let’s Give Them Hope, making sure our children can go to school is one of our highest priorities.

Our sponsorship program makes it possible for many children to attend primary school who would not otherwise have the chance because of a lack of funds. We provide school fees, uniforms and school supplies – which is more than many other organzations, most of which only provide school fees.

In addition, the Let’s Give Them Hope sponsorship program provides fees, uniforms and supplies to secondary school students, despite the higher costs involved.

Finally, we are planning to build both a primary and a secondary school which will provide high quality education to the poorest children and families at no cost.



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