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Growing a Garden

Our garden project is in full swing, with some of the first vegetables planted, while others will be planted soon. We plan to grow greens, cabbages, tomatoes, onions and beans for the program. The drought this year has made things challenging, but we were able to set up a system to pump water from a nearby lake to a tank beside the garden. Our staff underwent specialized training, and are now passing on this knowledge to the children. We also hired two of the older boys (from child-headed homes) in part-time positions to provide consistency and allow them to earn an income. Staff and children alike are very excited to see our first harvest!

Leeroy: Our First Employee from the Program

When our program started, Leeroy was too shy to attend – several people had to go to his house and persuade him to come on our first day. (He was living on his own at age 15, since both parents had died.) However, as he became comfortable, he soon participated in all our various activities and groups, and also began to help around the program. And, as he did so, his leadership skills began to emerge and develop in significant ways. He was a natural leader and positive role model for the younger children at the program, working hard at school and in everything he did. As time went on, he became part of the Hope Fellowship youth group leadership team, planning and helping to facilitate events

Still Going Strong!

As you may have heard, things have been very difficult in Zimbabwe over the last year (see page 3), and many charities have stopped operating or ceased to exist. But the good news is, thanks to your ongoing support and the hard work and dedication of our staff, Let’s Give Them Hope has been able to continue providing essential services to our children and families: Our project still feeds between 100-150 children/day, 5 days/week. The builders will soon be putting on the clinic roof (see page 3) We are the only program in our area still paying for school fees etc. The garden project is in full swing (see this page), and is currently employing one of the first children from our program (see

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