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Impressions of Africa

As our special guests Dennis and Wendy head back home to Alberta, Canada, here are some of their impressions from their stay in Zimbabwe: "In October 2014 I first visited Let's Give Them Hope, where I got the opportunity to visit a child-headed household. There were three children in the family- an older boy, and two younger twins, a boy and a girl. I remember the oldest child, and one of the twins, Ben, could not make eye-contact with anyone. Based on their situation, I contacted our Bible study group in Alberta to share the details and ask if we could sponsor the twins. Everyone immediately agreed. Over the past few months, we received pictures and letters from the twins. Our group read th

Millennium Goal #1: Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger

Previously in our news posts we outlined the 8 UN Millennium Development Goals, agreed upon by most UN member countries as goals to be reached by 2015. Goal number 1 is to “eradicate extreme poverty and hunger”, with three targets: a) reduce the proportion of people with extremely low income; b) achieve productive employment and decent work for all; and c) reduce the proportion of people who suffer from hunger. At Let’s Give Them Hope, eradicating poverty and hunger is at the heart of what we do. First of all, there is our feeding program which provides a nutritious meal to between 150 – 200 children per day. Secondly, we provide extra food to the poorest families and those who are HIV

Welcome to Zimbabwe!

We've been so happy to have our Alberta representatives, Dennis and Wendy Schofield, here in Zimbabwe for the past two weeks. Dennis and Wendy joined our LGTH team after Dennis' visit to the program in late 2014, and have been a huge blessing in raising funds and awareness in Alberta. We were very excited when they both decided to come and visit. Dennis has travelled to Africa several times in the past, but it was Wendy's first time to the continent, let alone Zimbabwe, which was exciting and emotional at the same time. They have been enjoying being a part of the feeding program whenever they can, and were welcomed enthusiastically by all the children when they first arrived. They have been

United Nations Millennium Development Goals

The Millenium Development Goals were established in 2000 by the United Nations, in consultation with 23 international development organizations, to address some of the largest problems facing developing countries today. All 189 UN member countries made a commitment to help achieve these goals by the year 2015. The goals are as follows: To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. To achieve universal primary education. To promote gender equality To reduce child mortality. To improve maternal health. To combat AIDS, malaria and other diseases. To ensure environmental sustainability. To develop a global partnership for development. As you can see, these are very big goals with a very broad scope,

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