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Have a few questions about Let's Give Them Hope? Here's a list of the most common ones.


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Are all of the children you work with orphans?

While many of the children and youth in our programs are orphans, our mandate is to work with the most vulnerable in our communities. This means we also work with children who have been abandoned by their parents, of which there are many, as well as single-parent families who are living in poverty, and families in which the caregivers are mentally or physically challenged. 


How are children chosen for your programs?


Our mandate is to work with the most vulnerable, those children and families who have little or no other means of support. When a caregiver or relative applies for their child(ren) to be in the program, our staff do a thorough assessment of the situation, and the team makes a decision based on all the available information. Our priorities include orphaned and abandoned children, single-parent families, and families with caregivers facing mental or physical challenges. 


What do you do for the children in your programs?

We provide services that will make a real difference in all ares of the children's lives including physical, social, emotional, spiritual and economic. These consist of feeding programs, food supplements, school fees and uniforms, school supplies, after school tutoring, life skills training, HIV prevention, vocational training, emotional support, mentoring, training in farming, and recreational activities.


With so much poverty and so many orphans, can you really make a difference?


When looking at the statistics in Zimbabwe, and in Africa generally, it can become rather overwhelming. However, we focus on the children we have been given to work with, and try to provide services that will help them as much as we are able. Many families and children have told us how much of a difference we have made in our lives, and you can also see it on the children's faces and in their attitudes as they move from despair to hope for the future.


Can I adopt one of the children?


Unfortunately the children in our projects cannot be adopted due to Government regulations. If you wish to sponsor a child, please follow this link.

Child Sponsorship Program:


How are children chosen for sponsorship?


​Our staff identify the most vulnerable children in our communities, based on careful assessment and discussion. These children are then placed on the sponsorship list.

How many times will I hear from my sponsor child?


​You will receive letters and reports three times per year, as well as an annual update picture. If you send a special gift, you will receive an additional thank-you letter and picture.


How much of the money that I send actually goes to the projects/sponsor child?


​Since there are administrative costs to processing donations, in Canada, 94% of money for sponsor children goes to the child, while in the UK the amount is 95%.


Can I send a special gift to my sponsor child?


​We are delighted to receive special monetary donations designated for your sponsor child. In order to maintain fairness to all the sponsored children, we limit special gifts to birthdays and Christmas, with a maximum amount of $30.00CAD (~$25USD/20GBP). Our local staff will then buy items most needed by the child. Please do not send actual gifts.


Can I visit my sponsor child/project?


​You can visit any of our projects or your sponsored child at any time, provided you receive permission from LGTH ahead of time. We require at least 8 weeks notice in order to plan your visit properly. When you inform us that you wish to visit, we will immediately be in contact with you to give specific details.


Donations and Accountability:
How much of the money I donate will go directly to your projects in Zimbabwe?


​In Canada, only 6% of your donations go towards administrative costs, while 94% of the money goes to our projects. In the UK, administrative costs are 5%, with 95% of the money going to our work.


Will I get a tax receipt for my donation?


​Yes, you will receive a tax receipt from our partner organizations in Canada and the UK.


Can I designate my donation to a specific project?


​Yes. Click here for a link to the donation page, where you can give your donation preference.


If I make a general donation, what will my money be used for?


​Your general donation will be used to provide services for orphans and vulnerable children and youth that include feeding programs, life skills training, HIV prevention, after school tutoring, social and communication skills, school supplies, vocational training, emotional support, mentoring, training in gardening, and recreational activities.


What is your financial accountability structure?


​While we are a local trust in Zimbabwe, we work with partner organizations in both the UK and Canada. These organizations provide oversight and accountability that include requirements for quarterly financial reports, regular updates on events and activities, annual activity reports, and scrutiny of financial reports by an accountant. Our partner in Canada is a Canadian registered charity ICMS (click here to be directed to the ICMS website), while our UK partner is a UK registered charity called Links International (click here to be directed to the Links International website).